A Few Surgical Procedure Options For Bunions

Bunion surgeries are often required to restore a toe joint once a bunion develops. Otherwise, the condition will progress and lead to permanent deformation of the toe. The more serious the bunion, the more extensive the surgery. Also, since bunions are complicated formations that involve bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues in the region, there are a variety of different specific procedures that are explored for your condition. Keep reading to learn about a few.


Osteotomy is very rarely completed on its own because the procedure will not restore the position of your big toe in a healthy manner. Osteotomy is where the bones in the toe are cut or broken. Sometimes a portion of one or several of the bones is removed if it is excessively deformed or has a large formation. Afterward, the bones are realigned in a straight position. Metal pins or screws may be used to set the bones as they heal or an artificial plate is used to join two bones together. If joining is completed, then this is called an arthrodesis. However, the joining of bones is not something that is completed during the first bunion surgery. Usually, the bones are only joined if a previous bunion surgery has failed or if you have a severe case of arthritis.

Sometimes a small wedge of bone is removed during an osteotomy procedure and this helps to align the bone so it no longer angles or protrudes. 

Typically, an osteotomy also involves the removal and repositioning of soft tissues. The bursa sac is removed from the outer edge of the bunion and scar tissue may be removed as well. 

Tendon and Ligament Repair

When a bunion develops, the ligaments and tendon along the big toe will adjust. Ligaments attached to the toe will either tighten or shorten. This leads to pressure that pulls the big toe inward, and the pressure will continue to cause misalignment if the tissues are not adjusted. Loose ligaments that are stretched out are tightened and tight tissues are cut and loosened up a bit.

If tendons in the region are pulling unevenly on the muscles around the big toe, then these will be adjusted as well. Since tendons and ligaments take longer to heal than soft tissues, you will probably need to wear a cast or walking boot for a bit longer than if a more conservative surgery is completed.

If you need a bunion surgery, then there are a variety of different treatment options that are available to you. Speak with your podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon, like the ones at Richard Moy DPY INC, to see what kind of procedures are right for your condition.