Improving Quality Of Life Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a common choice for doctors and patients who are trying to address issues with pain management and range of motion. Individuals may go to a physical therapy provider for a variety of reasons, including pre- and post-surgical needs, sports-injury recovery efforts, and disorders like arthritis. Seeking the support of a professional may be beneficial for these five reasons:

Pain Relief Alternatives

With physicians facing increasing pressure to avoid the use of prescription drugs for pain relief, patients are looking for viable alternatives. A physical therapy regimen may help someone take pressure off nerves or reduce strain in muscles, potentially minimizing the call for drugs as pain relief options.

71% of folks who've never participated in physical therapy hold the misconception that it's painful. A professional can explain how the process works and how it's intended to relieve pain, not cause it.

Improved Physicality

Individuals who have pursuits, such as sports or work, that demand a lot from the body may benefit from working with physical therapists, even if they're not currently feeling injured. A physical therapy routine can help them stay ahead of potential problems by relieving minor stresses that have the potential to harm the body over the long run. They also can learn how to approach strenuous tasks in a manner that places less strain on their bodies. When they do get hurt, they'll also have someone to go to for advice.

Surgery Alternatives

The question of how interested a patient is in undergoing surgery may play a role in exploring physical therapy options, especially for relatively minor issues. Even in more involved cases, a physical therapist may be able to suggest alternatives. This is particularly appealing to those who wish to avoid invasive solutions as much as possible.


Individuals who are dealing with a wide range of pulmonary and respiratory issues may benefit from physical therapy by improving their conditioning levels. Given their specific needs, it's important to build up slowly, rather than going out and trying to begin a regimen. As their conditioning and strength improve, a therapist can point them toward healthy and safe options to ensure they build upon what they've accomplished and sustain their gains.


Physical therapy can be advantageous for individuals who have mobility issues. Folks suffering the effects of obesity, arthritis, and other movement-limiting disorders can work with a professional to identify limitations and address them.