Three Reasons Your Power Chair Isn't Working

For most people, their power chair is somewhat like their lifeline. The power chair allows them to maneuver both easily and independently. Consequently, when their power chair isn't functioning correctly, this is nothing short of a crisis. If your chair isn't working, don't panic just yet. There is likely a simple cause for the problem that can easily be resolved. Chair Won't Start The chair is fully charged, but it won't start. [Read More]

Can Immunotherapy Help In Cancer Treatment?

For many cancer patients, the best treatment to help eradicate cancer cells is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy works to kill cancer cells, but in the process, it also damages healthy cells, leading to side effects that include nausea, fatigue, and hair loss. A different approach, called immunotherapy, is to boost the body's own immune system so that immune system cells seek out and destroy cancer cells. How Does Immunotherapy Work? There are a few different types of immunotherapy that oncologists are currently using. [Read More]

Is Your Child Having Asthma Attacks When They Stay Elsewhere? How to Prepare

If you have a child that suffers from asthma and has terrible symptoms every time they are at your parents' house, babysitter's house, or another location where they spend the night, you want to make sure that the location is safe for your child's health. You don't want to worry that they will have an asthma attack every time that they stay the night elsewhere, and you don't want to keep them from staying the night somewhere they enjoy being. [Read More]

Music Festival Tours: Dental Treatments To Consider Before Hitting The Road

The summer and early fall is an ideal time for large music festivals all around the country. As a performer, it can be grueling to stop at multiple festivals and have extended stays there. One important factor when on the road is your dental health. Before the tour starts, there are three dental treatments you can undergo to help protect your teeth and ensure that you are ready to perform each night on stage. [Read More]