Common Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Benefits From Home Care Services

Life for older senior citizen can be complicated; many people reach a point where they still want the independence that comes with living in their own home, but they may have some medical issues that need attention or get to the point where they can no longer easily care for themselves and take care of day-to-day tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, or shopping. If you have an elderly loved one who is still living alone, it is important to pay close attention to him or her and know what his or her needs are. Your loved one may not need assisted living yet, but home care can be an excellent solution if he or she needs extra help. Some signs that an older senior citizen could benefit from regular home care services include the following.

Lack of Hygiene

As a person ages, mild cognitive decline can occur, which can make a person forgetful, leading to not remembering to take care of basic hygiene, such as showering, brushing teeth, or combing hair. It is also possible that lack of mobility or a decrease in coordination can make it difficult for a person to attend to his or her personal hygiene. If you notice that your elderly loved one appears unkempt or unclean, home care may be necessary. Home care aides can help your loved own with bathing, dressing, and taking care of other hygiene needs.

Decrease in Overall Health

Elderly people tend to develop more medical conditions due to age, and it can take longer to heal and recover after illness and injuries. If your elderly loved one has health problems, home care can help with health monitoring, administering medication, and ensuring that he or she receives proper medical care on a daily basis. Depending on the level of care that your loved one needs and his or her overall health, you may opt for either a health aide or a registered nurse to provide home care for you loved one on a daily basis.

Home Is in Disarray

If you visit your loved one at his or her home and notice that the garbage is overflowing, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and there are piles of dirty clothes strewn about, it could indicate that your loved one is struggling to manage his or her home alone. When you arrange for home care services, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive assistance with daily chores that are necessary to keep a home tidy. 

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