Anti-Nickel And Diming: How To Deal With An Allergy To Nickel

Allergies are a part of life. If you suspect that you are allergic to something, you can take an allergy test in order to pin point the actual allergy. Some allergies, such as pollen, are common. Other allergies are less common and can be more difficult to deal with. One allergy that can be tedious to deal with is an allergy to nickel. If you have an allergic reaction to nickel, there are some common items that you may need to avoid. Here are some tips on dealing with a nickel allergy:

Invest in a good wallet for coins

One of the more common items that you will deal with on a daily basis is money. Silver colored coins are often made with a nickel mix. This means that nickels, quarters, and dimes all include nickel. Holding change or having change next to your skin for an extended period of time could then cause you to have welts or other allergic reactions. Instead of holding coins or allowing them to sit loosely in your pocket, a nice leather wallet will protect your body from exposure to the coins. Be sure not to leave coins around your house either, as sitting or laying on them could lead to an allergic reaction. 

Beware of zippers

Depending on the severity of your allergy, it is possible that zippers made of nickel will cause problems. Since clothing often sits right next to your skin, a zipper could cause you to itch and break out in a rash. Be sure to keep a barrier between your skin and any zippers on clothing. If possible, go with clothing that has no zippers or uses buttons. Many buttons are made of plastic, which means that your skin will not become irritated after prolonged wear. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, be sure to select those made with plastic parts, as glasses will remain against your head on a daily basis. 

Go with laces versus buckles

Shoes are not something that most people think about when it comes to allergies. It is important to remember the bottom portion of your outfit each day because shoe buckles with nickel are common. If you wear shoes with buckles, you run the risk of them irritating your allergy and digging into your skin, which can cause further problems. Instead of shoes with nickel, go with shoes that have shoe laces or allow your foot to slide in without metal security. 

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