Signs That Your Child Needs To Go To The Eye Doctor

Knowing what signs to look for in your child will help you keep your child's vision healthy and strong. However, children who have vision problems will display different symptoms at different ages. The signs and symptoms of child vision problems have been listed below, separated into categories according to the age of the child.

Signs of Poor Eye Health in Babies

Babies can't tell you if their eyes don't work properly. In fact, babies have no way of knowing the difference between good eye health and bad eye health. That's why, as their parent, you need to learn to recognize signs of trouble on your own. Below is a list of common symptoms that indicates that your baby needs to see an eye doctor.

  • Your baby's eyes don't line up. When your baby is first born, his or her eyes may not always line up all the time. This is because your baby is still learning to use both eyes together. However, if one eye is always turned away from the other eye, this is a sign of an issue.
  • Excessive tearing or crusty eyes. Your baby's eyes shouldn't tear much more than your own eyes. 
  • Light sensitivity. If your baby turns away from bright lights more than a normal amount, this is a sign of a problem.
  • White spot in the pupil. A white spot in the pupil, or the presence of red eye in only one eye when pictures are taken, could be a sign of several problems, including eye cancer. 

Signs of Poor Eye Health in Older Children

Older children will display the following symptoms if they have poor eye health:

  • Sitting too close to the television or always taking the front row at school. If your child needs to sit close to those things he or she is trying to see, this is a sign that your child needs glasses. 
  • Headaches. If your child regularly complains about headaches, make an appointment with the eye doctor right away.
  • Poor concentration and school performance. Your child is less likely to do well in school if he or she can't see what's happening at the chalkboard.

If your child is displaying any of the signs or symptoms above, it's an indication that he or she has unhealthy eyes. For more information and to get the treatment he or she needs, contact an eye doctor today. Your child's eye doctor will administer an exam and instruct you on next steps. To learn more, contact a business like Modern Eyez.