Two Cleaning Tips To Avoid Routine Complications With Your Hearing Aids

Significant hearing problems can cause major difficulties for patients that are unfortunate enough to develop this issue. Luckily, modern medicine has developed hearing aids that can dramatically offset much of the hearing loss that you may be experiencing. Yet, a hearing aid from a place like the Audiological Services of Cincinnati, Inc is a major investment, and it is important for you to follow best practices when it comes to cleaning this device. To this end, following these two tips will help you avoid making some routine cleaning mistakes that can shorten the life of your hearing aid. 

Avoid Using A Damp Cloth 

Most patients are aware that it is essential to keep the hearing aid clean. However, many of these patients may not realize that using a damp cloth can cause catastrophic failures for the hearing aid. This stems from the fact that if even a small amount of moisture were to make it inside the hearing aid, it could ruin the sensitive electronics that magnify the sound waves entering your ear. 

When you first receive your hearing aid, you will be provided with a cleaning kit that contains all of the items you will need to thoroughly clean the hearing aid. Unfortunately, some people lose these kits or items from them, but it is possible to obtain a replacement from your hearing aid provider. While there may be a small replacement cost, using the right tools when cleaning your hearing aid can be the difference between a perfectly functioning unit or one that is riddled with problems. 

Clean The Hearing Aid In The Mornings

It is not uncommon for hearing aid patients to wait until the evening to clean their hearing aids. While this may seem like a perfectly logical time to perform this task, it can actually create some problems that may impact your ability to remove ear wax and other debris from the hearing aid. This occurs because the ear wax will still be somewhat soft, and this will make it more difficult to remove these substances. 

To make it easier to remove these materials, you should wait to clean the hearing aid in the morning. This will allow the wax to harden enough to make it easier to remove, but it will not give it enough time to permanently bond to the hearing aid. 

When it comes to maintaining your hearing aid, keeping it clean is essential. By making sure to avoid using a damp cloth and cleaning the hearing aid in the morning, you can avoid common issues that may negatively impact the performance of your device.