Sunglasses: Sexy, Mysterious And Necessary For Healthy Eyes

Many people wear sunglasses because it makes them look sexy and cool. Since Hollywood stars often hide their emotions and identity behind dark lenses, this type of eye wear lends a mysterious appeal as well. Some people never consider that sunglasses, whether they are prescription or not are vital to maintain healthy eyes and to make the skin around the eyes less prone to wrinkling and skin cancer.

When to Wear Sunglasses

Contrary to popular opinion, wearing sunglasses is important even on cloudy days and during the cold weather months. The ultraviolet rays can still damage your eyes, even when the weather isn't hot and sunny. It is also important to teach young children to wear sunglasses whenever they are outdoors. Shop for sunglasses, at stores like Monroe Optical, Inc., that state they block about 99 percent of the UV rays from your eyes.

Sunglasses Protect Your Vision

Look for polarized lenses when you purchase sunglasses. These lenses block the ultraviolet rays that can lead to vision problems, such as cataracts and growths on the eye. Another problem wearing sunglasses helps prevent is photokeratitis. This is commonly known as snow blindness. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from macular degeneration, particularly for people who are sensitive to the sun's glare.

Added Comfort When Outdoors

Many people's eyes tear up on bright, sunny days due to the glare. Sunglasses help prevent this discomfort and help protect your eyes from dust and debris on windy days.

Adaptation to Darkness

When you spend a couple of hours outside on a bright day, it is often difficult for your eyes to adapt to a dark theater or a dimly lit room. Wearing sunglasses regularly helps lessen the time it takes for your eyes to adjust.

Protecting the Skin Around Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is fragile and thin. This makes it more prone to skin cancer, particularly if you don't protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. About 10 percent of all skin cancers involve the eyelids.

Keeping Sunglasses Handy

Some consumers don't wear sunglasses regularly because they often misplace them. If you carry a purse, keep a sturdy glasses case in it. Otherwise, put your sunglasses in the same spot every time you come in from outside or store them in your car visor.

Making it a habit to wear sunglasses is not difficult. The health benefits greatly outweigh the problem of keeping track of your sunglasses.