HHA Certification: The Importance Of Getting One

If you plan to work as a home health aide (HHA), a professional that assists clients with daily chores, then you'll want to get your HHA certification. It can help you in a couple of key ways.  Have More Success Getting Hired by Companies  When home health care companies look for aides, they usually always check for HHA certifications because they show that a candidate has been through formal training. They thus know their key responsibilities and how to act in accordance with state regulations. [Read More]

Advice For Those Beginning To Navigate Breast Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can come as quite a shock. You know that you now have to navigate breast cancer treatment, and you know that's not likely to be easy. Indeed, breast cancer treatment can be hard in some ways, but there is good treatment available for many cases. A few solid pieces of advice, such as the following, can serve you well as you begin this journey. Don't use alternative medicine as a substitute for conventional care. [Read More]

Who Needs Medical Stabilization In Addiction Treatment?

If you've talked to a professional about entering addiction treatment, a professional may have recommended that your first steps include medical stabilization. Medical stabilization is crucial for some patients. Medical stabilization is the process of addressing immediate medical and psychiatric needs so that a person can begin detoxification and therapy. It's the first step for many people entering treatment. These are some of the people who should consider medical stabilization as part of addiction treatment. [Read More]

Running Injuries That Respond Well To Massage Therapy

Running is a rather safe sport, at least when compared to a lot of team and contact sports. You don't typically see runners with concussions or complex fractures, for instance. What runners do often develop, though, is overuse injuries. These overuse injuries respond well to therapies and rest. Massage therapy is especially helpful for a lot of common running injuries related to the muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues. Here are some specific running injuries that respond well to massage therapy. [Read More]