Vocabulary That Will Come In Handy When You Visit The Dispensary

One of the things that often surprises new cannabis users is just how much unique vocabulary is used in the cannabis industry. The first time you visit the dispensary, start reading the signs, and start listening to conversations, you may feel almost like you're experiencing a foreign language. Thankfully, though, there are a few key terms that, when learned, can help boost your understanding and familiarity. Cannabinoids At the dispensary, you may see sheets listing the cannabinoids found in various strains of marijuana. [Read More]

Top Benefits Of Robotic Arm–Assisted Knee Surgery Vs. Standard Knee Replacement Surgery

If you suffer from chronic knee pain or if you have been seriously injured, then there is a chance that you are interested in having knee replacement surgery done. Knee replacement surgery isn't anything new, and many people still get traditional knee replacement surgery -- which is done by one or more surgeons -- so that they can solve their knee-related problems. Nowadays, though, there is also the option to have robotic arm–assisted knee surgery. [Read More]

Times When You Should Get A Second Opinion For Abdominal Pain Issues

Abdominal pain is one of those symptoms that can be attributed to any of a wide variety of conditions or diseases. In many cases, your doctor will use other co-morbid symptoms to help diagnose the cause of your abdominal pain, along with testing such as bloodwork, ultrasounds, and other diagnostics. However, with so many potential causes, an inaccurate diagnosis is a possibility. Here's a look at what you should know about when it's in your best interest to seek a second opinion on abdominal pain issues. [Read More]

Take It To The Next Level: Why You Need To Invest In A Mini-Trampoline

If you've decided to get serious about your workout routines, you should begin by fine-tuning your muscles for balance. A great way to do that is through rebound training. Rebound training uses the benefits of a mini-trampoline to fine-tune your balance. This type of training is especially important if you find yourself losing balance during your normal workouts. Poor balance can throw you off your game, and increase your risk for workout-related injuries. [Read More]