Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Natural Remedies to Relieve the Bloating of Menstrual Cramps

Periods are the worst just with pain and mood swings. Add bloating on top of that, and you are in for one train wreck of a week. Bloating makes your clothes not fit right and adds to the discomfort of your monthly flow. Luckily, you don't have to curl up on the couch in your sweats all week. There are actually many easy solutions to reduce the amount of bloating so you can get your bum back into your favorite pair of jeans.


Potassium-rich foods are going to be one of your many best friends this week. Potassium actually regulates your body's fluid retention and helps to keep the bloating down. Bananas are very high in potassium, and eating two a day will help you flush the excess water out of your body.

If you don't have bananas, you can eat cantaloupe, spinach, or tomatoes. Asparagus is a great remedy too. Not only is asparagus high in potassium, it is also a natural diuretic, so it will add to the amount of water that is leaving your body.

Lay Off the Carbs

Period cravings are bested only by pregnancy cravings. It's normal to want to stuff your face with the fattiest carbohydrates, but you have to resist the urge. Simple carbohydrates like white pasta and breads will make your body retain water. They will also make your face look puffy and bloated. This includes your favorite soda drinks, too. If you get the urge to dive into a loaf of bread or a stack of fries, eat an apple instead. Apples are full of good carbohydrates and will cut the cravings for fatty foods.

Drink Parsley Tea

Parsley is a great natural remedy for curing the bloat because it is a natural diuretic and will flush out the water and salt that your body is holding on to.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and drop in some parsley leaves. Let the leaves seep in the water for fifteen minutes before drinking. For a little added flavor, drop in a few mint leaves and a teaspoon of ginger. Both of these help to prevent bloating and will ease your tummy if your period makes you feel nauseated.

Periods can be awful. Not only do you have to deal with emotional breakdowns and pain, you have to worry about bloating too. If you don't want to be tied into your monthly use of sweatpants, use one of the methods listed above. These methods will reduce the bloating so you can get back in those jeans and on with your day.

For more information on dealing with your period, make an appointment with your OB/GYN clinic.