Tips For Managing The Garden This Summer Without Worsening Your Back Pain

As gardening season approaches, you may find yourself eager to get out into the garden. Unfortunately, you might also find yourself struggling with the effects of gardening on your chronic back pain. Before you start working in the yard again, you should talk with your chiropractor about a pain management routine that helps you to limit the pain effect of your yard work. Here are a few tips to help you combat the discomfort.

Work From An Elevated Position

Sitting a bit higher than the area where you're working may help to reduce the strain and pressure that your back is subjected to. Consider sitting on a solid bucket that has a wide base. Set the bucket upside down, then sit on the bottom to provide some support to your hips.

When you're sitting on the bucket, set your feet firmly on the ground so that they are flat and spaced at shoulder width. Put an elbow against the inside of your knee for extra stability and support when you lean forward to reach something in the garden. Anchoring your elbow shifts the bulk of your body's weight to your arm so it isn't pulling on your back.

Sit Flat At Ground Level

If you have a minor back injury or you don't have a bucket to sit on, you can try sitting flat on the ground alongside the garden. Sit with your legs bent at your knees. If you position one leg behind you and the other in front of you, it helps you keep your shoulders more square, which keeps your spine straight. Keep your back as straight as possible when you lean forward to gather weeds.

Weed From Your Hands and Knees

Another position that might be easier for protecting your spine is working on your hands and knees. It distributes your weight more evenly and helps to keep your shoulders square. In order to keep your spine straight, shift your weight from your pelvis as you reach for weeds. This adds all of your body weight when you pull, protecting your back muscles from strain.

Don't let your back injury cost you your time spent pursuing your passions. If you love gardening, talk with your chiropractor about a treatment regimen to manage your pain and these tips to see which will be best for you. The more proactive you are about protecting your back, the more successful and less painful your gardening season will be.