Working Out After Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It's also a procedure that can change the way someone goes about their daily routine, especially when it comes to exercise. Getting exercise is an important part of living healthily. According to the Department of Health and Human Resources, the average adult should get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. Strength training exercises are also recommended at least twice a week. Here are three things to consider when exercising after breast implants.

Don't Start Too Fast

The recovery process for breast augmentation varies from person to person. However, it is important not to rush into an exercise routine too quickly. Exercising when not properly healed can lead to re-opened incisions and other damage. After a couple of weeks, most patients are able to do light cardio. Certain exercises, such as shoulder exercises, ballistic movements, tennis, or volleyball, may need to be avoided until healing is complete since these exercises engage the muscles around the breast implants. Patients should consult with their doctors before returning to their previous exercise routines. Checking in with the doctor before starting vigorous exercise is also a must.

Take Stock Of Sports Bras

Sports bras are an integral part of any wardrobe. They make working out easier and more comfortable. The time after breast augmentation is good for taking stock of currently owned sports bras. Ones that are too tight or ill fitting should immediately be discarded. For patients who go up multiple cup sizes, new sports bras may need to be purchased. There are plenty of options that offer support for larger cup sizes that can make working out easier. New sports bras can also help patients adjust to their new cup size during their workouts.

Work Out Adjustments

Depending on the size of the breast implants, going back to a previous exercise routine may not be a possibility. Certain activities that include running, jumping, and bouncing may make the weight of the implants more noticeable. Over time, most people with breast implants get used to their weight. However, if it becomes too much of a problem, trying different exercises may be in order. Lower impact exercises, such as swimming, may be a better choice than high impact exercise such as running and jump roping.

Breast enhancements can make a big difference in the way someone looks. They can also affect different parts of everyday life including exercise. After breast augmentation, it's important to ease back into exercising. New sports bras may be needed and workouts may need to be adjusted in order to account for the size and weight of the new breasts.