How To Make Things Easier On Your Feet When You Must Wear Heels

It's no secret that wearing high heels is bad for your feet. By putting extra pressure on the ball of the foot, pressing on the toes, and compressing certain tendons, they lead to a wide array of issues from bunions to hammertoe. Avoiding heels whenever possible is certainly advisable, but what about those times when you really need to wear heels to look appropriate for an event? Follow these tips to make things easier on your feet when you must wear heels.

Choose round-toe heels over pointy ones.

Pointed-toe heels tend to put a lot of pressure on your toes, which can lead to issues like bunions and ingrown toenails. By choosing rounded-toe heels, you're being a little friendlier to your toes. Make sure the heels you choose don't seem to be putting excess pressure on any one of your toes. If they're too tight in the toe, you may need a wider shoe or a bigger size.

Wear other shoes when walking, and then switch to heels.

If you have to walk any considerable distance (say, ¼ mile or more) from your car to the event, or from your home to your car, wear a pair of comfortable flats for this endeavor. Pack a plastic bag in your purse, and when you get to your destination, slip your heels on and stash your flats in the plastic bag. This way, you won't be walking a long and painful distance in heels.

Slip your heels off when sitting.

If part of your day involves sitting at a desk (or even at a dinner table for an extended period of time), slip your heels off while you're seated. Even sitting in heels for a long period of time can be detrimental to your foot health, since it forces your tendons into odd configurations. Keep your shoes close-by and near your feet, so you can slip them on at a moment's notice if you have to get up.

Pack some sticky pads or little bandages in case your heels start to rub.

What starts as a little irritated spot can quickly progress to a big blister. When you have to wear heels, bring along some stick-on pads or bandages. If you feel a spot getting sore, put a patch on it to prevent it from becoming worse.

If you've been wearing heels too often and are suffering from foot pain, be sure to talk to a podiatrist at a clinic like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA. He or she will be able to pinpoint the exact source of your pain and give you ways to ensure it does not become worse.