Treatment Options For Glaucoma

If you have found out that you are suffering from glaucoma, you may wonder what your options are in removing this disease from your eyes for good. You may have been a bit surprised to hear that you are suffering from glaucoma, as people cannot really feel it. Glaucoma is caused when the eyes have increased fluid building up over the eye surface. The eyes receive pressure from this build up, increasing the likelihood that your optic nerve can be destroyed. If this happens, you will permanently lose your vision. Here are some of the options available to help those suffering from this disease.


The first thing your eye doctor may recommend after finding out that you suffer from glaucoma is taking medication to help lessen the pressure in the eye. The medication will most likely be in an eye drop form. If you take other medications, it is important to let your eye doctor know as they can affect the absorption of glaucoma medication from getting into the bloodstream. 

The drops will burn slightly after you place them in your eye. Try to keep your eyes closed for a minute after applying so they absorb completely. If drops do not work in lessening pressure, you may be prescribed an oral medication to take with the drops. These will help reduce the amount of tears your eyes make so there is no excessive moisture buildup contributing to the pressure buildup. 

Laser Surgery

If medications are not successful in easing the pressure in your eyes, your doctor may opt to have you do a laser surgery process. Laser surgery allows an ophthalmologist to place holes between the corneas and irises in your eyes. These holes allow any moisture inside to drain. Usually this process is done with the continued usage of medication to aid in lowered pressure. Laser surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and can be done several times if additional cuts need to be made.

Traditional Surgery

If medication and laser surgery do not give the desired results, your eye doctor will recommend traditional surgical procedures to battle glaucoma. Cuts are made in the eye using surgical tools instead of lasers to remove moisture. Another surgical procedure is to have stents placed within the eyes. These implants contain small tubules that drain fluid from one part of the eye to another part so the moisture is reabsorbed by the eye tissues. This is a surgery that often works in full, allowing the patient to stop all medication soon after.

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