4 Lifestyle Changes Men Can Make To Improve Fertility

Have you and your partner tried to conceive for a long period of time without success? Infertility is often seen as a woman's issue, but the truth is that the problem can often lie with the man. You may need treatment at an infertility clinic to resolve the issues. However, you may also just need to make some basic lifestyle changes to improve your sperm's quantity, density, and motility. There are a number of healthy changes that you can make today to improve your odds of conceiving:

Exercise. Your sperm quantity is tied to the strength of your erection, which is directly linked to healthy blood flow. You can improve your blood flow by reducing blood pressure and dropping a few pounds. Moderate exercise is a great way to do both. As an added bonus, exercise also increases your testosterone levels, which boosts sperm production.

Be careful though. Extreme exercise, like running marathons and riding in long cycling races, may actually have the reverse effect and decrease testosterone production. Aim for regular, healthy exercise that includes cardio activity. If you do that, you'll have stronger erections and healthier sperm.

Eat healthier. Much like exercise, eating healthy can help you keep your weight down and your blood flowing freely. Generally, the more obese a man is, the less dense his sperm is. That means that even though he may produce a normal amount of ejaculate, there's not enough sperm in it to have a good chance of conceiving.

In severe cases, obesity can lead to diabetes, which can cause a symptom in which your ejaculate goes into your bladder instead of out of your urethra. If you are struggling with your weight and your ejaculate seems light, you may want to see a doctor to see if you've developed diabetic symptoms.

Keep it cool. There's a reason why your scrotum is on the outside of your body. It needs to be cooler than your standard body temperature to produce a healthy amount of sperm. If you work in regularly hot conditions, try and take a break as regularly as possible. Also, consider wearing boxers instead of briefs. The boxers will allow more airflow, which could keep your scrotum cooler. Finally, if you work with a laptop on your lap, consider switching to a desk. The heat from the computer may increase the temperature of your scrotum and depress sperm production.

Reduce your alcohol and smoking levels. Moderate alcohol consumption usually isn't a big problem. However, excessive consumption can slow your body's ability to produce sperm. Also, tobacco can cause your body to produce misshapen sperm that aren't able to conceive with the egg. Try to cut down on your drinking and maybe even quit smoking altogether. Doing these will also help you drop weight and increase your blood flow.

You also may want to visit an Infertility Clinic. They can test your sperm and help you isolate the exact reason behind your inability to conceive.